You have questions and we have answers. We have answered a ton of frequently asked questions over the years and wanted to put them here so you could get answers, too.

How do I apply for on campus housing?

Please complete the Housing Application on your Mange My Housing & Dining page found through your Indigo Student Portal. You will not be assigned to campus housing until the application and housing prepayment fee are received in our office.

How much is the housing prepayment fee?

The housing prepayment fee is $150 for all residence halls.

Is the housing prepayment fee refundable?

Yes, if you are a new applicant and decide not to attend William 㽶Ƶ, we will send you a refund. The housing prepayment fee is not refundable to students if they have already lived on campus for any portion of a trimester, because the prepayment fee will be credited to students' accounts towards their first trimester billing ledger.

Will my scholarships and/or financial aid cover the housing prepayment fee?

No, the housing prepayment fee must be paid separately. Financial aid cannot be obtained to cover this cost.

Am I guaranteed an assignment to the building I select on my housing application?

Unfortunately, no. All housing assignments are based on availability, seniority, and the date of housing prepayment fee. We encourage students to request what they would like on their housing application, but acknowledge that their request is just that...a request.

Can I have a private room?

Private rooms are only granted when space allows. When available they are assigned on a seniority basis.

Do you have family housing?

We do not provide family housing on campus. Please email if you need help locating other options in Hattiesburg.

How many halls do you have on campus?

We have 10 residence halls. Please visit the Residence Halls page for specific information about each building.

Are any of the residence halls co-ed?

No, all of the residence halls are single gender.

Is furniture provided in each room?

Yes, we provide two extra-long twin beds, two dressers, and two desks in each room. Please don't bring your own furniture as space is limited.  

Am I issued a key to my room door?

Each resident is issued a key for his/her assigned room. Key replacement is $50. In Byrd, Braswell, Davis, Futral, Johnson and Ross halls, a hard key for the closet and a plastic card key are issued to each resident. Each key carries a $50 replacement fee.

Do I have to lock my room door?

Please lock your door when you are not in your room. We ask that you keep your key in your possession at all times. This includes going downstairs to the lobby or laundry room. 㽶Ƶ is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Am I allowed to hang posters in my room?

Yes, but we do not allow sticky squares, nails/screws, or other items that might damage the wall. We encourage all students to use painter's tape which will support lighter items and to speak with your Resident Director/Area Coordinator about the proper way to hang heavier items.

May I place carpet on the floor of the residence hall room?

Rugs and carpet are allowed, but should not be glued to the floor.

What should I do if I am not able to arrive on campus during check-in weekend?

Please contact the Housing Office at (601) 318 - 6102. We can make arrangements for late arrivals. If you have not arrived or contacted us by the first day of classes, we will void your housing assignment.

Can I check-in early?

No. We have organized the check-in dates around our staff training, orientation, and other events. We will not be available to check you into your space until our official opening dates. If you are a student athlete with a fall season, please contact your coach/sponsor for your check-in date.

Who should I contact in an emergency?

Area Coordinators are on call after the university offices close each day. RAs live on your floor, and each building has a Resident Director who lives in the hall. For help with emergencies after hours, you can call our housing cell phone number (601-467-3509) which is posted in your building. Another option is to contact Campus Security.

Can I stay on campus during holidays?

Yes, you can stay on campus during all holiday breaks. There are additional costs for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. The current rate is $65.00 per week. One day holidays and trimester breaks are included in your housing rate per term. You don't have to pay additional fees for one day breaks.

Am I responsible for damage to my personal property?

Yes, we recommend that you contact your insurance carrier about renter's coverage while you are staying on our campus.

Does WCU have internet access?

WCU’s campus and residence halls are equipped for wireless internet. Please bring a computer with wireless capabilities. Do not bring your own wireless router. Ethernet extensions are not available.

Where will I do laundry?

The cost for laundry facilities is included in your room fee and is for residents’ use ONLY. Laundry rooms are located inside all of our buildings. Bring your own detergent and fabric softener. Liquid bleach is not allowed. If you notice any issues, please report to

Does the university provide cable TV?

There is one cable hookup in each room. The cable fee is included in your room fees each trimester. The TV is not provided. Xfinity On-Campus is available to all students who have WCU credentials. Note: You must be ON campus to use this feature. You may also download movies or shows to watch off campus or at your home during break periods.

Does WCU have a post office or mail service?

All residents must have a campus mail box. Students typically sign up for one at orientation, but students are able to get one at any time. There is no cost for this service. The Post Office is located in McMillian Hall.

Why do I need a Student ID and parking decal?

You need an ID and parking decal for security purposes. WCU strives to maintain a safe learning environment and campus.  It is mandatory that every registered student obtain a student identification card. Also, anyone operating a motor vehicle on campus must have it registered and obtain a parking decal. For more information, visit the Student Life web page.

Do you have security on campus?

Yes, we have a contracted security company which patrols our campus 24 hours each day. All of our residence halls are locked and only accessible by proximity card. This card will also function as your Student ID card, your access into certain buildings, and if you have a meal plan, your meal ticket. Contact information is available here.

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