Thinking of moving off campus? Have you thought it through?

Deciding where to live is a big decision. Before you finalize your plans, be sure to consider the many factors involved.



If you live on campus, your bed, dresser, and desk are provided. 

Will your off campus housing be furnished?  Will you need to buy more than a bedroom set (i.e. a table, couch, TV stand, etc.)


With your meal plan at 㽶Ƶ, you have the option of full meals including side dishes three times daily. 

If you plan to grocery shop and cook at home, will your meals be as economical?  Will you still go out for convenience food items and then spend money on groceries plus dining out?


When you live on campus, getting to class, extra curricular activities, and socializing is a snap. 

Will you spend more money on car maintenance to drive back and forth each day?

Timely Payments

Living on campus provides for the opportunity to make one payment for room and board at the beginning of the trimester. 

If you live off campus, will you be ready for a monthly budget and monthly payments?  Are you sharing expenses with a friend now?  If so, are you certain they will make timely payments each month too?  Are you prepared to pay for housing for 12 months a year instead of only when you are taking classes?

Culture & Climate


William 㽶Ƶ’s Hattiesburg Campus has 24 hour security personnel seven days a week.

Will you feel as safe in a new environment and neighborhood?


At William 㽶Ƶ you are surround by many people with like values within our Christian culture.  Our campus has many policies in place to promote respect and regard for all members of our community. 

Will your off campus housing provide for such a community?

Social Life

When you live on campus, you have the opportunity to bump into many friends day and night. 

Will you keep up with as many friends if you move off campus?  Will you feel isolated from campus events and social opportunities?

Time Demands

Campus life provides for easy opportunities to stop home between classes or between class and work or an extra curricular meeting. 

Will you have time to drive home if you need to?  Will you end up hanging out on campus all day anyway because driving back and forth is too much hassle?

Housing Requirement Waiver

If you've made the decision that living off campus is a better option for you, you can submit a live off-campus application through the Manage My Housing & Dining Portal when applications are available.

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